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Genuine spare parts are available for this container and our nationwide team of onsite engineers can fit them if required.

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Continental 660 Recycling

A popular sized container the Continental 660 recycling bin has a deceptively large capacity in a small footprint offering the flexibility to store 2 units in the same space as a single Continental 1100 litre allowing waste segregation by using different containers for separate waste streams. Its slim configuration also allows it to fit through a standard doorway, making it ideal for indoor storage or secure collection areas.

Fully EN840 certified and available with a flap lid ideal for paper and cardboard or brush apertures ideal for cans and bottles combined with WRAP or bespoke logo options and a wide choice of colours. The Continental recycling bin is perfect for all your recycling containment needs and with over 85% of UK local authorities choosing the Taylor Continental you will be in good company.

The Continental 660 Recycling is also available in Towing and Fork Lift Pocket options as well as a wide range of colours and other options including DIN points and embossing.


Internally Seam Welded

Hot Dip Galvanised

Will fit through a standard door frame

Multiple Lid Options Available

Patented Comb Bar


Technical Drawing:

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This product can be shipped worldwide.

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Ideal for...

Heavy recyclate
Areas where space is limited